Jack and Jill Solutions supply and install bespoke garden watering systems in the Bath and Bristol area.  Our experience has taught us that we provide two core outcomes for our customers:

  1. The best possible gardening / growing results – avoiding that sinking feeling when you see a wilted plant that looked great just days before.
  2. More time – knowing that you’ve got one less chore to tick off when you’d rather be sitting back and relaxing.

We source the best quality and most up to date products available.  These, combined with our outstanding service, means that our customers know they are getting the very best value for money.


An automatic watering system in our garden directly addresses two of the biggest challenges of modern living – lack of time, and lack of resources.

An automatic watering system releases us from the daily grind of chores, leaving us free to undertake the more enjoyable jobs in the home and garden.

A watering system is the most efficient way to save water, an increasingly important consideration as the longer, dryer summers become more likely.  We can also recommend rainwater harvesting systems.

Irrigation systems are often cheaper to install than most people think, and are easy to manage.  Many people spend large amounts of money on landscaping and plants, but fail to appreciate until it’s too late the value of ongoing and dedicated watering (we can also offer ongoing maintenance advice and solutions).


We are based in North East Somerset and cover Bath, Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Our systems are particularly suited to town gardens, but we can also advise on and devise systems for larger spaces.

As well as gardens, we can also install for commercial premises such as pubs, hotels or indeed anyone with a plant display.

We have solutions for every kind of plant location and garden, including flowerbeds, containers, greenhouses, hanging baskets and raised beds. (sunflowers email pic)

No garden (or indeed balcony) is deemed too small for us.  All you need is an outside tap and some plants!


Do I need an outside tap?

Yes, we’ll need to attach the system to a working outdoor tap. We are able to install new outdoor taps and mend leaky ones.

How visible will my watering system be?

There is black pipework involved in any irrigation system, this tends to be visible at the start of the season, but by the time your plants have thrived with all the water they’re getting, it soon becomes invisible.

How do the timers work? Are they complicated?

We’ve deliberately sourced the most straightforward timers available. We’ll set it up for you and show you how we do it, and so long as you change the batteries regularly, there’s very limited scope for failure!

Can I still use my hose if there’s a timer attached to the tap?

Yes, we can provide adaptors, which allow you to run both the system and your hose at the same time.

How long and how often will the timer run for?

It depends on your water pressure, but typically 5-10 minutes twice a day is adequate.

How long will it take to install?

Depending on the access and the intricacy, somewhere between a couple of hours and a day. We would give you a rough idea at the time of confirmation.

Do you offer discounts out of season?

Inevitably demand for our services rises in the spring and summer, so we offer special installation deals and discounts during the quieter winter months.

Are you looking for holiday watering services?


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