There’s nothing worse than going on holiday and coming back to a scene of dried out plants after all your hard work earlier in the year.

With this in mind, we offer hire of temporary holiday watering systems that enable you to go on holiday without worrying about whether your mum / neighbour / reluctant teenager has bothered to pop round and water your hanging baskets.  What’s more, we’ll come and remove it once you’re back, all for less than you’d think.

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We’re based in Somerset, in the village next door to Kilmersdon where the famous rhyme was allegedly written.  It’s a long steep hill, not the sort you want to be carrying water up! 

Business owner Anthony was the Chairman of Kilmersdon Village Day for 15 years – in this time the Jack and Jill Dash was created, a highly entertaining race up and down the hill with buckets of water – miraculously very few injuries but plenty of laughs!