We aim to connect our customers with the fulfillment of growing their own plants.

We bring the many benefits of gardening to people who are either not, or do not currently have the time, to engage. We provide solutions to the everyday challenges of lack of time and knowledge, and we take the hassle out of plants.

Today’s world is ever more appreciative of the benefits of engaging in our natural surroundings and the ‘mindful’ boost we can all receive by getting our hands dirty. We provide a helping hand to lead you down this path.

We believe that flowers and vegetables provide the most fulfilling opportunities for our customers, so we focus our efforts in these areas.


The business is owned and run by Anthony Dutton. Anthony’s family has a long history of plant growing, from when his great grandfather set up one of the first cut flower growing nurseries in England in 1908. The nursery stayed in the family until 1982 when it was sold and turned into a garden centre, where Anthony worked in his school and university holidays.

In his 20’s Anthony set up and ran a plant display and landscaping business in London, before being drawn into the world of marquees after moving to Somerset in 2001.

After selling up in 2018, Anthony found himself inexorably drawn back into the world of plants, and Jack and Jill is the result, as he resolves to bring the fulfillment and serenity of nurturing plants to the uninitiated. The business runs from his farm in Somerset, which he shares with his wife and three children.


We have installed irrigation systems in a huge number of gardens, terraces, pubs and hotels, so we know what we’re doing.
We only use the best quality products so our systems won’t go wrong and will last for many years.
We have over twenty years experience of running customer focused businesses. 5 stars for customer service has always been standard.
No job is deemed too small for us, you’ll get the same level of service regardless of your house size or how much you spend.
Our core value is respect for you the customer and your property.
We’re honest – we don’t throw in hidden extras and won’t try and upsell you stuff you don’t need.
We do everything with minimal fuss.
We’re excellent at communication, we reply promptly to emails and texts, and aren’t scared to answer or pick up the phone.
We’re punctual and polite – we understand how annoying it is when tradesmen don’t turn up at the right time. We’d give you a definite ETA, and if we’re going to be late we’ll call you.
We do everything with a smile on our face and a touch of humour. Life’s too short to be miserable.


We’re based in Somerset, in the village next door to Kilmersdon where the famous rhyme was allegedly written.  It’s a long steep hill, not the sort you want to be carrying water up! 

Business owner Anthony was the Chairman of Kilmersdon Village Day for 15 years – in this time the Jack and Jill Dash was created, a highly entertaining race up and down the hill with buckets of water – miraculously very few injuries but plenty of laughs! 

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